Christian Maas is a contemporary French sculptor with a career spanning since the late 1980s. Recognized for his exceptional talent, he has been honored with prestigious awards such as the ‘Médaille d’or de l’Académie des Arts’ and the ‘Chevalier de l’Ordre International des Arts’. His mastery lies in the art of moulding and casting aluminium and bronze sculptures.

While rooted in tradition, Maas's approach often yields unconventional outcomes, earning him renown for his daring and sometimes provocative subject matter. His artistic focus revolves primarily around two themes: the feminine form, with iconic representations including Grace Jones, Marilyn Monroe, and Kate Moss, and animalier sculptures, many of which are life-sized renditions in bronze and aluminium. Additionally, he has crafted a collection of distinctive furniture pieces that transcend functionality to become works of art in their own right.

Operating from his atelier in France, Maas's sculptures have found homes across the globe, adorning public spaces and private collections alike. Notable commissions include a Formula 1 racing car displayed in Monte Carlo. His exhibitions span Europe, the Middle East, and the USA, with his works fetching attention even at prestigious auctions conducted by renowned houses such as Christie's in London.