Private society & vault

Your Exclusive Invitation to  a World of Luxury

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Private Suite

Discover the essence of a home away from home within our Private Suite, where luxury meets comfort. Unwind in the lounge area, designed for relaxation and tranquillity, creating a space that transcends the typical shopping experience. Our seasoned consultants, known for their profound knowledge, extend personalised service in this haven of opulence. Elevate your luxury journey with a meticulously curated selection of products, uniquely crafted to complement your discerning taste. Indulge in the epitome of sophistication and comfort at Three Over Six.


The Vault

The Vault Room at Three Over Six stands as the epitome of refined opulence, exclusively housing our most exceptional and coveted pieces. Meticulously curated, this distinguished space showcases a collection that exemplifies the zenith of luxury and sophistication. Each item within the Vault Room is chosen with utmost precision, representing the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design. Guests in the Vault Room are afforded an unparalleled experience, immersed in an environment where exclusivity and the finest offerings converge to define the epitome of the luxury lifestyle.

Exclusive Experience

Experience culinary excellence in our Private Suite's exclusive dining area, tailored for up to 10 guests. Collaborate with top chefs to craft a personalised menu paired with fine wines, creating a sensory journey. Surrounded by luxury design and curated objects, elevate your dining amidst sophistication. Ideal for intimate gatherings or corporate events, our private dining promises a symphony of gastronomy and luxury. Elevate your events with Three Over Six's blend of exclusivity, culinary mastery, and curated luxury.