Shirin Davati Kazemina


Shirin Davati Kazemnia, born in December 1967, she graduated from Art University in 1993. Following her studies, she continued her artistic pursuits alongside the revered painter 'Nami Peter' in his studio. Eventually, she made the decision to relocate from the bustling city to a serene seaside town, seeking a more tranquil environment conducive to her painting. Immersing herself in nature through walks and gazing upon the sea served as a profound wellspring of inspiration.

While her paintings predominantly feature human figures, particularly women, her aim is to transcend mere physical representation. Instead, she strives to capture the essence of the human psyche and emotional landscape, often intertwining it with other symbolic elements such as objects and creatures. In her portrayal, one may find motifs like plates, angels, birds, as well as attire associated with warfare or nudity, each symbolizing facets of the human experience.

Her depictions of women eschew overt eroticism, delving deeper into the layers of femininity, hinting at concealed depths within. The creative process entails initially crafting a basic composition, followed by the placement of figures that serve the intended expression. She employs a restrained palette and composition to convey a sense of strength and intensity.

Despite the depth and resonance of her art, she has faced challenges in obtaining permission for solo exhibitions within her country due to the thematic and expressive nature of her work.