Born in Australia in 1959, Grant commenced his professional journey on the land, where he cultivated a deep appreciation for the natural world's rhythms and cycles. His experience in farming instilled in him a profound respect for the intricate balance of life and the adaptability of flora and fauna within their environment. It was during this time that Grant encountered glassblowing for the first time, an encounter he vividly describes as "falling into a burning ring of fire."

Following a period marked by challenging environmental conditions including droughts and floods, Grant transitioned from farming to pursue a full-time career in glassblowing in 1994. Joining forces with the Gordon family of glass artists, he honed his craft and developed the skills necessary to translate his creative vision into tangible forms. For Grant, the allure of working with molten glass lies in both its physical demands and the intellectual stimulation it provides. Each piece he creates serves as a reflection of his identity and his journey through life.

Grant's educational background includes a Diploma in Farm Management from Marcus Oldham Farm Management College in 1981. He subsequently served as a Farm Manager on various properties across New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania until 1988 when he purchased a dairy farm in Numurkah, Victoria. In 1990, he played a pivotal role in establishing 'Gordon Studio Glassblowers' in Numurkah alongside his partner, Eileen Gordon. Following the sale of his farm, Grant relocated the studio to Rosebud, Victoria, where he dedicated himself to full-time glassblowing, focusing on developing his own production line and exhibition glassware.