EDWARD WILLES | Minimalist Portrait

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Edward Willes is a versatile contemporary Australian artist whose oeuvre encompasses a diverse range of disciplines. Renowned for his innovative approach to textile art, Willes has garnered recognition within the vibrant Nordic contemporary art sphere. 

His creations, characterised by experimental textile portraits featuring abstract geometrical figures, stand as testament to his distinctive artistic vision. Drawing inspiration from the European modernist abstract expressionists of bygone eras, Willes adeptly transcends conventional boundaries by infusing his compositions with a spirit of exploration and experimentation. 

Notably, he navigates uncharted artistic territories by seamlessly integrating textiles with portraiture, thus forging a compelling synthesis that deftly blurs the lines between outsider art and interior decor. Willes' work represents a harmonious convergence of tradition and innovation, offering viewers a captivating glimpse into the intersection of form, texture, and narrative.

Artist: Edward Willes
Title: Minimalist Portrait
Year of Production: 2021

Framed: 78 L x 100 H x 4 D CM*

Artwork: 63.5 L x 82.5 H x 0.5 D CM*

*Approximate Dimensions

Media: Sewn Textiles
Additional Details:
  • Signed by Artist
  • Provenance Documents Available


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