Emma Elizabeth Designs | Hand Blown Fluted Yellow Glass Vase

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The 180 degree vessels, a collaborative venture between Emma Elizabeth Design and Canberra Glassworks, represent a fusion of artistry and functionality, conceived after a meticulous two-year development phase. These vessels offer more than just mere utility; they invite enthusiasts of art and objet to engage in a creative dialogue. Crafted through the ancient art of hand-blowing from custom molds, each vessel embodies its own distinctive identity, a testament to the unique production process.

Inspired by the idea of empowering collectors to curate their own artistic compositions, these vessels present a canvas for self-expression. Whether arranged as a captivating ensemble, displayed singularly against a wall, or integrated into personalised clusters, they beckon individuals to explore their artistic sensibilities.

Through the interplay of colours, sizes, and textures, these vessels transcend mere functionality, transforming into exquisite objets d'art. Each piece beckons admirers to immerse themselves in the beauty of craftsmanship, celebrating the intersection of form and function.


Artist: Emma Elizabeth Designs
Item: 180 Degree Vessels | Hand Blown Fluted Glass Vase
Colour: Yellow
Size: 155 W x 145 H x 80 D MM
Material: Glass


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