Marc Barold | The Evolution Dome | White

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Product Dome Pair
Colour W1 | Blood Red
Finish Gloss

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Unveiling a limited edition series of geometric wall-mounted sculptures by Marc Barold.

Marc's exploration of evolving nature has culminated in the creation of these distinctive pieces, collectively known as 'The Evolution Dome'.

Drawing inspiration from the dynamic forces shaping the natural world, Marc's sculptures juxtapose smooth, spherical outer shells with intricately carved internal fissures. This juxtaposition evokes imagery of celestial bodies forming amidst the tumultuous collisions of an evolving universe.

Each sculpture in the series is fully customisable, offering a range of colour options and finishes, including matte or gloss. Additionally, clients have the flexibility to tailor the size of their piece, opting for a single large dome or a paired set comprising both a large and small dome. The internal fissures can be further personalised with a coloured chrome finish, creating a mirrored surface that adds a captivating interactive dimension to the artwork. Clients can also request custom 3D mock-ups prior to finalising their order, ensuring a bespoke creation tailored to their vision.

Marc's dedication to his craft is evident in his meticulous attention to detail and his commitment to seamlessly integrating each piece into its intended environment. With a wealth of experience in object and environmental design, he approaches each project with enthusiasm, striving to create pieces that not only captivate the eye but also enhance the aesthetic of their surroundings.


Artist: Marc Barold
Item: The Evolution Dome
Colour: White Base | Available in Gloss or Matte Finish

Large Dome: Diameter: 112 cm | Depth: 18 cm

Small Dome: Diameter: 35 cm | Depth: 9 cm


Material: Fibreglass, Coloured Chrome, Paint & Lacquer
Additional Details:
  • Produced in numbered edition of 9
  • Customisable colours and finishes
  • Handcrafted in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia


10 - 16 weeks for production

Shipping fees are excluded and will be calculated according to the destination postal code.