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Size Petit | 70 g

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The Trudon Cyrnos Candle pays homage to the sun-drenched beauty of Corsica during the early 20th century. Named after the historical name of the island's capital, Ajaccio, this candle evokes the aromatic charm of Mediterranean flora with notes of lemon, thyme, and lavender. Its fragrance transports you to the citrus orchards and herb gardens of the island, offering a crisp and refreshing olfactory experience.

 Housed in Trudon's signature green glass vessel adorned with their emblematic crest, the Cyrnos Candle not only fills any space with its enchanting scent but also adds a touch of timeless elegance, reflecting Trudon's centuries-old tradition of exceptional craftsmanship and luxury.

Brand: Trudon

Cyrnos | Mediterranean Aromas

In its aromatic citrus garden, the sunny Cyrnos villa welcomed the flamboyant upper crust of early-20th century high society. Queens, poets and artists met in the shade of fig trees and parasol pines. They enjoyed a fabulous view and the easy life so typical of the blue Mediterranean shores. The villa benefited from Roquebrune’s air of scented lavender mixed with the dry aromas of Provence.

Olfactive Pyramid:

Fragrance Pyramid Top |

Lemon, Myrtle, Thyme

Heart Notes |

Cedarwood, Black fig, Lavender, Pine

Fragrance Pyramid Bottom |

Cashmere wood, Musk, Patchouli



Dimension | 6,5 cm Ø: 5,5 cm Weight | 70g Burning time | 18 to 20 hours


Dimension | H: 10,5 cm Ø: 9 cm Weight | 270g Burning time | 55 to 60 hours

  1. In order to get the most out of your candle, burn it until the entire surface of the candle melts.
  2. To preserve the fragrance, do not burn your candle for more than 2 hours at a time during the first third of the candle and 1 hour at a time during the remaining.
  3. Do not leave candle burning unattended.
  4. Do not set in a draft.
  5. Keep away from children, curtains and pets.
  6. Should the wick require centering, gently readjust to correct position when the wax is still molten.
  7. Allow candle to solidify before relighting.
  8. Should any black smoke appear, trim the tip of the wick.
  9. It should be clean and no longer than 5mm at all times.
  10. Always protect the table or surface on which the candle rests (with a wood or ceramic plate, for example).
  11. Do not burn your candle all the way down.
  12. Always leave at least 3 cm of non-molten wax at the bottom.
  13. Keep your candle in a dry and temperate environment, between 60 and 80° F.
  14. The first use of your candle should occur within the two first months after its reception.