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RETNA, born Marquis Lewis in 1979, is a prominent contemporary artist celebrated for his unique blend of calligraphy and street art. Hailing from Los Angeles, RETNA began his artistic journey through graffiti, honing his skills in the urban landscape. Drawing inspiration from ancient languages, typography, and urban culture, RETNA developed his distinctive script, fusing traditional calligraphy with street art aesthetics.

His work often features intricate patterns of symbols and characters, creating visually captivating compositions that transcend language barriers. RETNA's art has graced galleries, museums, and public spaces worldwide, earning him recognition as one of the most influential artists of his generation.

Throughout his career, RETNA has collaborated with various brands, musicians, and fellow artists, further cementing his impact on contemporary art and culture. His pieces evoke a sense of mystique and wonder, inviting viewers to decipher the hidden messages within his complex compositions. RETNA continues to push boundaries and inspire audiences with his innovative approach to art.

Artist: RETNA
Title: Untitled
Year of Production: 2019

Framed: 66 L x 84.5 H x 5 D CM*

Artwork: 58 L x 77 h x 0.2 D CM*

*Approximate Dimensions

Media: Watercolour on Paper
Additional Details:
  • Signed by Artist
  • Provenance Documents Available


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